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  • new album, new single, new video

    Hey, Cakers all over the world. Finally, the cat is out of the bag – our new album ‘No Rhyme No Reason’ available January 27th. Click the link below to be the very first getting hands on it and listen to our single ‘The Killer’! And don’t forget to check out our new video: http://radi.al/thekillervideo

  • lets call it the quarter year news section

    …. and yet again i forogt to post news on this faboulus news section. but so many things are happening: i am super into instagram these days which you can also check out at our photo section on this page. so if any of you guys feel like following us there: check motherscakemusic on instagram! also…

  • U.K. tour cancelled

    Bad news for our friends in the UK! Unfortunately we had to cancel our UK dates in December with Ginger Wildheart. We will set up new dates in 2016 and hope to come back really soon. Sorry for the hassle. best The Cake

  • shame on me – i forgot there was a newssection

    heyo dear fellas its been quite a while since i or we posted something. But so much happend: I guess you already recognized the new design of our page – sparkling, isn’t it? Mother’s Cake went also 2015 and is now part of the rapidly growing instagram society – huray! You can check out our…

  • Love The Filth hit stores

    It’s been a while! Great news: Love The Filth successfully released June 5 and is now available in stores in Austria, Germany and Switzerland! We are living in interesting times: AC/DC, Nova Rock and all the other great shows we’ve played in the last 2 months… Treibhaus, Szene, Tank-Stelle and many more. We’ve met a bunch of…

  • May the force be with us!

    Hi folks, after the amazing show on the Night of Fuzz (here’s a review) at the Posthof in Linz we are happy to announce the next bunch of shows in May! And those are really special ones because we are coming to you not just with the re-mixed and -mastered vinyl version of Off The Beaten Track, but with a…

  • Germany/Austria tour was a blast! Recording for new release!

    Hey Folks, it’s been a while! Our Germany/Austria headliner tour has been a full success! Special props go out to all the wonderful people we met and drank with on the road, to the girls n’ guys running the venues, our supporting acts Operators, White Miles, Parasol Caravan, tanertill, Who Knows and Katinka and of course to our engineer –…

  • We haven’t had enough! California Breed support upcoming!

    Amazing news: right after the support-tour with Anathema we will tour with Glenn *motherf***ing* Hughes and his new project California Breed, playing eight shows together in Novmeber! Check our dates-section for details! We’ll head for Milan directly after the Anathema load-out – non-stop-touring! Living the dream, baby!

  • Happy Adventure Time

    … ES GEHT LOS!! Die nächsten 56 Tage sind wir in ganz Europa am Weg. Schaut in die Date Section und findet raus ob wir bei euch in der Nähe sind!!