lets call it the quarter year news section

…. and yet again i forogt to post news on this faboulus news section.

but so many things are happening:

i am super into instagram these days which you can also check out at our photo section on this page. so if any of you guys feel like following us there: check motherscakemusic on instagram!

also we are very much in the middle of producing the third record and will meet up with David Furrer end of march to have a week of constructive madness at the famous motherscake rehearsal room hole. probably need some days on the mountain after that to get the 02 regulated again.

last but not least: the finishing touches are being made for our music video to “void”. Really looking forward to drop the a-bomb on 1st of march. (i hope no one feels offended by that formulation)

i guess you’ll hear some news sometime summer 2016. I’m getting better at this…











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