shame on me – i forgot there was a newssection

heyo dear fellas

its been quite a while since i or we posted something. But so much happend:
I guess you already recognized the new design of our page – sparkling, isn’t it?
Mother’s Cake went also 2015 and is now part of the rapidly growing instagram society – huray!
You can check out our stream on this page, and of course with your mobile devices.
If you are still using a Nokia 3310, you are a badass and the prototype of the perfect hipster,
but you wont be able to follow our adventures around the (european) world.

Nex on my list: the store

There are new fancy products in our sortiment and you wont believe how awesome they are. Or probably you will – i mean it’s our store in the end.

Before you leave. Check out dates. We just announced our austrian tour beginning end of november.

That’s it. Over and out. Hear you guys in 5 months.






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